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You poked, and fun it was. It was a short, but very mesmerizing, game, with enough twists and turns to keep me glued to the screen until the very end.

I guess I was just lucky to anticipate something coming at me towards the end, otherwise I'd ended up knowing that what's normal for the spider, is chaos for the flustered fly...

Well done, and thank you for these very entertaining 11 minutes of game play. Sincerely hope you have it in you to create more of this, as you have a knack for entertaining folks like me.

spider robot, i hate you

nice work =)

Super nice concept! Love the fact that there was a good mix of humor and tense horror aspects. Puzzle got me a little bit haha. Well done!

Work Is Killing Me - The Interview 


I had a lot of fun playing this, especially with the light humor here and there lol good game! 

Keep up the good work

Man that jumpscare got me good! Great Job

That was brilliant. Well done.

played at 16:58. I never want to apply for a job ever again after this game. Super creepy! And a unique game so well done.

check out my video.


The concept of this game is great, it feels like a lot of things are going on within the company, and feels like there are a lot of possibilities to expand upon the idea. I did enjoy that even a simple puzzle was made to feel creepy without the need of adding monsters into the game.

It took so many attempts to complete the game, it was just that final robot which kept catching me in a corner, thinking I did multiple loops in one run to try and get some distance.

Really fun, and such a unique idea to build dread.

Played this game on my Channel's Series called 3 SCARY GAMES! It's the 3rd game I play in the video and starts at 31:39 Playing this game instantly gave me The Stanley Parable vibes with a slight horror twist which I absolutely love the idea!

Even with the one really intense Jumpscare I had playing this, I found this game more overall eerie and spooky, rather then truly scary horror. I feel this game could have much better potential with more/better sound design to really immerse you into how unsettling the experience actually is. I also found the ending pretty funny and random and all I could think about was a Portal Turret Bot ;) But overall still a really neat experience!

Yes I'll take a little comedy with my horror games, please? I love little quirky games like this!


This game really gave me a good laugh, I loved how similar this is to real-life just a bit less sugar-coated. The ending was a bit bland in my opinion, but the rest of the game was well made. No jumpscares, just the harsh existential atmosphere, and emptiness to give you shivers.
A change that I would make to the ending, instead of the robot maybe include what happened to the other interns? Like, have the player walk into your typical office building and see all the interns are dead or just cardboard or something else.

Really enjoyed this one!

good game my boi

Since I deleted the original video on this game I decided to pay it a revisit. Tbh, it is still pretty good and for your first game it still holds up

THIS WAS AWESOME! I got jump scared by this game so badly, but it was such a fun games. Super enjoyable. Highly recommend this game! If you like my video, please subscribe to my channel. It would mean so much to me. thanks in advanced guys xo

hi, big thx for the great game. greetings from rosti 🙏😘👍

This game was spooky but I wouldn't call it scary. It was fun and detailed so I would say its worth the play for sure! Short game if you can figure out how to beat the end part (10 min play through roughly) Check out my play through!

Have fun!

Short and sweet. The ending left me feeling a little disappointed, but it wasn't that long of a game so I'll take it for what it is. Good job!

Great game! I liked the spookyness of the special employee.

I know this is random but I HIT 100 SUBSCRIBERS!!!

This was so silly & cute. That last bit got me pretty good for a moment. Great concept, & execution. This is the third game I played in this video. 

Full Gameplay Here

As someone who already finds the greed of corproations and exploitation of workers terrifying... I was not expecting this to get me so bad XD It's been a while since I've screamed from my literal soul from a game. The cubicle room was just absolutely horrible! (in the best way) And all the details like the cameras and posters and dialogue throughout were great too.

If I could make any changes, I would say I'd have much prefered a second cubicle room with different puzzle - rather than the spider robot chase. Everything felt so well connected until that part. The ending left me kind of confused and I lost all that dread I had built up until that point.

I LOVED the humor mixed in with the subtle eerie feeling. Very Stanley Parable! Gave me a good spook and some great laughs.

Great game! I didn't think I'd ever get away from that little terror at the end. Game starts at 00:46

fucking creepy my dude...

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This is a wonderful little game.

It's this first one I play in the video, so there's no need to skip ahead :)

I Got A little confused At the Code Part Of The Game

Tried to play the game in an older PC, for such a small game it´s so laggy. Can you add options to lower resolution? I tried to mess with the boot.config to see if I could change anything in there but not much in there.

Great game. I like the concept and think it was a great play! The ending threw me lol. Thank you!

GOOD LORD!!! Atmosphere - great! Sound design - great! Game overall - great! Holy cow! Had my heart beating faster as soon as I joined "the queue"! Great work!

Hello, first I wanted to say is this was a good game! some parts did seem out of place including the end, but of course I don't know the full story. I really enjoyed the puzzle part! I was hoping there was going to be a jump scare with the cut out, or at least be timed to feel more anxious! overall still good! and keep up the good work!


your are noob

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this was a bit of fun! I had some trouble gettin past the office problem. Could just be me missing the obvious though. The ending was fun, definitely felt a little out of place in comparison to the rest of the game imo tho.  Anyway, hope you enjoy the vid :)

this a pretty decent game the ending really got to me but otherwise there wasn't much going on, the cave is really weird considering im doing the interview there but i liked it

this is an amazing horror game, i may have panicked too much but still is a great game! 10/10

The saddest and the bleakest horror game. Absolutely horrifying to imagine yourself living in this environment at such a job with no pay. The Interview questions got me more than the "challenge". Anyways, superb.


Ah, yes, finally - a job that highlights exactly what it is like to work for Amazon XD

Thank you for this game!

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