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very fun but i got tript up in the maze 

This was a fun experience, the cardboard man had me a bit unsettled and the dialogue was fun :). (2nd game)

It was a really good game.

Très original j'aime beaucoup

interesting! keep up the good work!

No Commentary Gameplay

Sweet and short game. Love the atmosphere, Definitely worth to play it! :) 

Very nice game! great work! :)

Enjoyed it.



Erik really cannot keep his hands to himself.

I'm new to YouTube and it would help a lot if you leave a like or subscribe if you like the content, also you can request a game by leaving a comment!


Really, really loved the uneasy feelings, the being talked down to, and the hilarity in some parts! Played as part of a new 3 games video as the second game! Check out the video!

Wasn't expecting such a humorous yet unsettling game when I downloaded this. It was such a pleasant suprise to find fear and comedy in this all too real harsh mockery of toxic work culture. 

I liked the quotes, the questions and answers were fun and the carboard startled me a few times. The only dislike I have is the walking through the tunnel that feels stiff. A short and fun game.

What a cool concept for a game. It was engaging, fun, and worth the play - even if I am terrible at the last section.

Reminded me of my old boss 

cardboard man was very scary and the hole vibe was eery great game!

Erik is a great guy best man at my wedding too 

This was fun and quirky ^^ Enjoyed the jokes and the puzzles. That cardboard guy kept scaring me for some reason xD

3 Scary Games, 1st Game I Play.

Hope You Enjoy!!!

This was a cool game. Goodjob!

Your game starts at 08:26. Excellent game! Mixing humor with hopelessness was great. We loved the "motivational posters". The soulless corporation felt so familiar Haha

I really enjoyed this game and its your first game ? Really well done! Looking forward to seeing more by you!

Accurate description, a place I wouldn’t want to work 😂 had fun with it!

Hello! This was very cool. Good game. I played on my channel :)

Comments below clip;

You poked, and fun it was. It was a short, but very mesmerizing, game, with enough twists and turns to keep me glued to the screen until the very end.

I guess I was just lucky to anticipate something coming at me towards the end, otherwise I'd ended up knowing that what's normal for the spider, is chaos for the flustered fly...

Well done, and thank you for these very entertaining 11 minutes of game play. Sincerely hope you have it in you to create more of this, as you have a knack for entertaining folks like me.

spider robot, i hate you

nice work =)

Super nice concept! Love the fact that there was a good mix of humor and tense horror aspects. Puzzle got me a little bit haha. Well done!

Work Is Killing Me - The Interview 


I had a lot of fun playing this, especially with the light humor here and there lol good game! 

Keep up the good work

Man that jumpscare got me good! Great Job

That was brilliant. Well done.

played at 16:58. I never want to apply for a job ever again after this game. Super creepy! And a unique game so well done.

check out my video.


The concept of this game is great, it feels like a lot of things are going on within the company, and feels like there are a lot of possibilities to expand upon the idea. I did enjoy that even a simple puzzle was made to feel creepy without the need of adding monsters into the game.

It took so many attempts to complete the game, it was just that final robot which kept catching me in a corner, thinking I did multiple loops in one run to try and get some distance.

Really fun, and such a unique idea to build dread.

Played this game on my Channel's Series called 3 SCARY GAMES! It's the 3rd game I play in the video and starts at 31:39 Playing this game instantly gave me The Stanley Parable vibes with a slight horror twist which I absolutely love the idea!

Even with the one really intense Jumpscare I had playing this, I found this game more overall eerie and spooky, rather then truly scary horror. I feel this game could have much better potential with more/better sound design to really immerse you into how unsettling the experience actually is. I also found the ending pretty funny and random and all I could think about was a Portal Turret Bot ;) But overall still a really neat experience!

Yes I'll take a little comedy with my horror games, please? I love little quirky games like this!

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